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Unveiling the Jewel: Exploring the Enchanting Pearl and Indulging at Pearl Cafe aboard Icon of the Seas

Upon stepping on board, we were warmly welcomed by the stunning structure known as the Pearl! Spanning across five decks, the Pearl stands as the focal point of the Royal Promenade, captivating with its multi-sensory futuristic tiles that gracefully change colors. It's an absolute beauty, and we couldn't wait to capture moments in front of it. Make sure to have your phone or camera ready for selfies and group photos!

Inside the Pearl are stairs that lead up to the deck above where you will find the Pearl Cafe. As you approach the next level, you’ll be surprised to see the massive floor to ceiling windows! The breathtaking views and amount of light are an astonishing addition to the Royal Promenade!

The Pearl Cafe, conveniently located at the heart of the ship, offers a grab-and-go dining experience. With an array of tables and chairs, it's the perfect spot to unwind, people-watch, or simply enjoy the seas passing by. The cafe provides complimentary coffee, tea, juice, as well as prepackaged snacks and desserts for a quick refuel. Its self-service setup allows you to effortlessly grab what you need, and if you're in the mood for more, they offer toasted sandwiches and cold salads. For those craving specialty coffees, they're available for an additional charge.

Overall, the Pearl and the Pearl Cafe are incredible additions to Royal Caribbeans' Icon of the Seas! Whether you're basking in the natural light and scenic views from the beautiful windows or swiftly stopping by for a grab-and-go snack on your way to your next activity, the experience is nothing short of outstanding.

Missy Blair - Travel Advisor


Interested in booking your next adventure on Icon of the Seas to experience the Pearl and Pearl Cafe firsthand?

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