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Embarking on an Epicurean Odyssey: Exploring Disney's Stellar Dining Experience at Space 220 Restaurant

One of the things we look forward to most on our Disney vacations is the food. And considering our kids are now all teenagers in the thick of growth spurts and basically never not eating, it is no surprise that snacks and meals are a top priority when we go away.  In fact, choosing the restaurants where we’ll dine is one of our favorite things to plan ahead of our trip.  There are a few restaurants that we gravitate towards and inevitably make reservations for year after year (Always ‘Ohana!  A visit to Disney World would never be complete for us without a meal at ‘Ohana.) But there are so many exceptional restaurants on property, so we do our best to try something new on every trip.  New to us on our last vacation was Disney's Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot, and it was fabulous! 

view from a table within the Space 220 Restaurant at Disney's Epcot

The entrance to check in to Space 220 is situated adjacent to MISSION:

Space and, just like this neighboring attraction, you can expect to be whisked away from Earth for an epic adventure among the stars.  After checking in for your reservation, you’ll be given a ticket to board a space elevator that will take you to the Centauri Space Station.  And it is here, 220 miles above Florida, where your interstellar dining experience begins.

Walking into the dining room at Centauri Space Station for the first time left us all a bit speechless.  We couldn’t get over the beautiful large picture windows revealing breathtaking views of Earth and life among the stars.  And while walking through the restaurant to our table, I realized there is not a bad seat in the house – no matter where you dine, you are treated to these incredible panoramic views.  While you may be tempted to fix your gaze on our lovely planet for the entirety of your visit, be sure to keep an eye out for the occasional spacecraft or astronaut to fly past. We were really floored by what Disney Imagineers created here! 

Steak dinner plate with fries, broccoli, and ketchup

Right on par with the outstanding atmosphere of Space 220 is the delicious food.  The cuisine at this spectacular restaurant is truly the perfect complement to the ambiance. Space 220 offers a pre-fixe menu of classic American dishes with unique and innovative twists for both lunch and dinner.  Prepare for Lift-Off with appetizers such as the Starry Calamari or Centauri Caesar Salad before settling in for your Star Course with out-of-this-world choices that include the Gemini Burger and Galactic Miso Salmon.  And be sure to save room for a Super Nova Sweet to round out your meal. We had reservations for a late lunch on our first visit to Space 220, and to say that we enjoyed the food would be an understatement!  We all agreed it was one of the best meals we’ve ever had on a Disney vacation. 

Burger plate with fries and a pickle/ketchup

My kids and I chose the Gemini Burger, and practically inhaled it. The signature beef blend for the burger was so flavorful and it was topped with a sriracha aioli that was just outstanding. Fried potato wedges (that I desperately wish I could recreate in my kitchen at home) were served on the side. SO, so good! My husband was the odd man out and chose to order the Steak and Frites. Though the frites were basically your run-of-the-mill French fries, the steak itself was anything but ordinary! A flat iron steak was prepared with a mild coffee rub and served with a slightly spicy chimichurri sauce on top. I was lucky enough to steal a few bites from his plate and it was delicious – so tender and full of flavor! Sadly, all good things must come to an end and, before we knew it, the time had come for our return trip to Earth and Epcot.

Elisa Kennedy, Travel Advisor


Interested in booking your next adventure to Walt Disney World and experiencing Space 220?

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