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My name is Mindy Serencsa, and I love to travel. I was born and raised just north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. While growing up, I was fortunate that my family would go on several trips including yearly camping adventures, trips to Walt Disney World, and visits to other theme parks. I love theme parks. I now reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, and am happy to continue family travel with my husband and two adopted children.

My true love of Walt Disney World began during my husband and I’s first honeymoon in Jamaica, which got cut short due to Hurricane Ivan. As a ‘do over’, we decided to honeymoon the following year to Walt Disney World. This was our first time together as a couple and as adults. We enjoyed our time so much that we planned several visits during the years that followed. This is when the obsession began. Since this all happened out of Pittsburgh and required a flight to visit, we decided to move to Charlotte for a better climate and to be within driving distance of several travel locations, including the mountains, the beach, and the "Mouse." Now with two children, both of whom were adopted out of Florida, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Walt Disney World as an adult, with a baby as young as 4 days old, with grandparents, and now with an elementary school child and toddler. Each trip has offered its own unique experiences.

In addition to Walt Disney World, my family and I have enjoyed trips to Universal Orlando (we are big Harry Potter fans), several cruises with various cruise lines, and local trips to the beach and mountains. I simply love to travel, and I also love helping others. It only made sense then to become a Destination Specialist to marry these two passions. With this in mind, I would love to help you and your family build a vacation plan that will be memorable and stress-free, whether traveling to Walt Disney World or any other destination.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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